Solidworks classic colour theme for Solidworks 2016

Solidworks classic colour theme for Solidworks 2016

Service pack 3 for Solidworks 2016 has been released and one of the most anticipated features in this service pack is the Solidworks classic colour theme option. This gives users the ability to switch the colour theme back to something more akin to the Solidworks 2014 and 2015 user interface. While I personally will be sticking with the new colour theme, there have been many users who were concerned about eye fatigue with the new low contrast colour theme. For those users this feature will be a welcome development. It is by no means a complete reversion to the old colour theme as you will likely notice from the images below, but Solidworks has shown that it has listened to customer concerns in service packs 1 and 2 and has brought this enhancement to users as quickly as possible. I expect to see further tweaking of the classic colour theme in service pack 4 to make this a more complete enhancement for those who feel they need it.

So, how do we go about switching themes?

Open Solidworks 2016 and go to ‘options’ in the top menu bar.

In the system options tab activate ‘colours’ on the side bar.

Go to the icon colour drop down and set to ‘Classic’.

Next select the background drop down list and select ‘Medium light’ as the background colour.

Your user interface should now look like the image below.