The Marshmallow Challenge and what product designers can learn from it

The Marshmallow Challenge is classic design game that is attempted by people of all ages. If you haven’t heard of it before, here’s a quick rundown: In 18 minutes use 20 sticks of spaghetti, a meter of tape, and a meter of string to create a tower that can hold a marshmallow at the greatest height. Sounds simple, right? Well,

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Case Study: Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a unique event that sees some 40 teams from around the world travel a 3000km journey across the Australian desert (between Darwin and Adelaide) in handmade state-of-the-art solar cars. Teams are challenged to push the boundaries of their imagination in order to develop highly sophisticated technological marvels which, over the

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3DSL SOLIDWORKS® and the Marine Industry

With the Gold Coast International Marine Expo being held this weekend on the Gold Coast, we couldn’t help but think about how 3D Space Labs (as a reseller of SOLIDWORKS®) could help businesses within Queensland’s marine industry. SOLIDWORKS® has been revolutionising the product design market for years. Today, over 3,073,600 product designers and engineers worldwide

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9 Criteria for choosing the best CAD system

3D CAD has become THE design tool for many industries. By investing into a 3D Design Automation CAD system, you can expect to enjoy; lower costs, improved efficiency, higher productivity, and it can be a differentiator in a larger product development solution. Today we’re going to look at the smaller guys. How do designers investigating

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