3DSL SOLIDWORKS® and the Marine Industry

With the Gold Coast International Marine Expo being held this weekend on the Gold Coast, we couldn’t help but think about how 3D Space Labs (as a reseller of SOLIDWORKS®) could help businesses within Queensland’s marine industry.

SOLIDWORKS® has been revolutionising the product design market for years. Today, over 3,073,600 product designers and engineers worldwide are benefitting from the numerous benefits that SOLIDWORKS® has to offer. Though the 230,400 organisations that use SOLIDWORKS® are all incredibly different and unique, we have found that our 3D CAD software is able to be utilised perfectly across a number of industries and product design specialities. More specifically, SOLIDWORKS® has become a popular choice for those within the marine industry and has been used to design commercial ships, leisure and competition boats, offshore platforms, marine equipment, and high-pressure hydraulic products.

The results that come with the use of SOLIDWORKS® are undeniable. Organisations have reported reduced adaptation times and prototyping costs of up to 66% as well as reduced total design time from 3 days to only 5 hours. Arguably, the most remarkable of all the SOLIDWORKS® results is, however, the ability for highly specialised engineers to be twice as productive in their day-to-day activities.

3DSL is an official reseller of SOLIDWORKS® software and would love to join your company to make your processes more efficient and profitable.

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