Artec Eva 3D Scanner

Fast handheld 3D scanner for professionals

After a product which delivers fast scan times and quick detailed texture processing all without losing accuracy? Look no further than the Artec Eva. This technology is optimal for capturing medium sized objects such as human busts, alloy wheels or motorcycle exhaust systems and it scans in high resolution to produce vibrant colours. It’s applications are as limitless as your imagination.

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Simple 3 step process

Light, fast and versatile, it is the most popular Artec scanner and a market leader in handheld 3D scanners.
The Artec Eva can be used for reverse-engineering, rapid prototyping, quality control, preservation, customization and innovation in a wide range of industries for it’s user-friendly experience, speed and precision. Some such industries include automotive, forensics, aerospace, medicine and even prosthetics.

Fast scanning speed: 16 fps

Capturing and simultaneously processing up to two million points per second, Eva scans dozen times faster than a laser scanner, while also providing high accuracy – up to 0.1mm.

High 3D resolution: 0.5mm

Scan in brilliant color and high 3D resolution (up to 0.5mm)

Texture resolution: 1.3 Mpx

Make full color 3D replicas of your object

Bundling and easy integration

For scanning larger objects, or for creating an automatic scanning system, several Artec Evas can be bundled and synced together. You can also integrate the scanners into your own customized scanning solution using the free of charge Artec Scanning SDK.

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The Many Uses

Industrial Design

Reverse engineering
Quality control
Rapid prototyping


Plastic surgery
Custom wheelchairs


Online museums

Art & Design

Heritage preservation

Artec® Eva Technical Specifications
Ability to capture texture
Video frame rate
up to 16 fps
3D resolution
up to 0.5mm