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The 3Dconnexion family of products provide comfortable and natural ways to interact with digital content in the world’s most popular CAD and creative applications making it easier to focus on your design rather than your software.

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Welcome to the new standard in engineering performance

Increase Productivity & Profitability

Using a SpaceMouse is proven to increase productivity and precision. On average, 3D mouse users consider themselves to be 21% more productive1 than when not using a 3D mouse.

Fewer Clicks. Less Pain. More Fun.

SpaceMouse products are proven to reduce pain and fatigue thanks to the natural two-handed work-style that means you move and click your normal mouse a lot less while achieving a lot more.

It’s Basically Rocket Science

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse products are the trusted choice of the world’s top engineers, architects and 3D professionals.

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